But, where is everybody?

Credit: TOI

If it is just us… seems like an awful waste of space – Carl Sagan

In May 1950, the great physicist Enrico Fermi and some colleagues were walking down for lunch from their lab at Los Alamos when they got to discussing flying saucers because there had been a rash of “sighting” reports. Then somebody mentioned a cartoon in The New Yorker which showed little alien beings carrying away trash cans – a comment on the recent trend of trashcan stealing in the city. The scientists were still shooting the breeze and settling down for lunch when suddenly Fermi asked “But, where is everybody?” Everybody burst out laughing, but they all knew what he was talking about – he was referring to extra-terrestrial life.


2 replies

  1. A very interesting share. I have always been interested to know about extraterrestrial life.

    Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih (Rahmatullaho Alaih)the fourth once said according to the Holy Quran, there is life elsewhere and they will meet the human some day.
    So we have to keep waiting. Some day all of a sudden maybe a peekaboo. Who knows?

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