Are there genocidal anti-Islam bio-weapons?

Is the Pentagon developing genocidal anti-Islam bio-weapons?

An apparent Pentagon video, leaked by the hacker group Anonymous, details US military plans to develop and deploy a biological weapon that would destroy people’s receptivity to religion in targeted Muslim populations.

The proposed bio-weapon would be distributed in flu vaccines in Muslim countries. It would alter human genomic expression to produce a sort of “chemical lobotomy,” destroying the part of the brain associated with religiosity and spirituality. In other words, it would reduce its victims to a state lower than that of animals, who, unlike humans, were not created with spirituality and religiosity as a central feature of their being.

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2 replies

  1. Nothing about North American scientific research would surprise me.They have a well known history of criminal experimentation, including on their own people and culture, going back to the 1930’s at least.
    Its a sad,unnecessary fact of life and many North Americans have a suspicion in the back of their minds about “secret projects”.
    What can be done except for public discussion and refutation in an attempt to change the points of view of the researchers and military,to be more responsible, I don’t know.
    Unfortunately, technology is becoming a domain of every nation, not just the USA.So even more horrible weapons may be developed by someone else.
    The future can be better for all or equally,it can be scary.
    We will have to see how things go.

  2. Well, looks like we will all become like Taliban and in future refuse vaccinations.

    In other words: The Muslim world has to industrialize themselves so that they can produce everything needed themselves.

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