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  1. Masha’Allah eye pleasing sight. Alhamdulillah. I wish this could be possible in every county including Pakistan.Amen

  2. Masha’Allah!

    That’s Mighty!

    And, isn’t it just natural for our hearts to be so full of emotions all of a sudden that we go speechless? :’)

    I’m so happy, delighted… thanks so much for sharing it, Zia Uncle.

    Yeah Ms. Anisa, I was thinking the very same.

    How great would it be if we had such posters all over the world, in every continent, country, state and City….. Insha’Allah, Insha’Allah, Insha’Allah: Aisa jald, bohot Jald hoga

  3. Alhumdulillahe Rabbil Alameen. You have to have a big heart and courage to promote Ahmadiyyat like this. They are setting an extra ordinary example for all of us. We should all learn from them. No wonder why Huzur e Aqdus is so pleased with Ghanian. Allah bless Ghana and its people.

  4. ” I WILL SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE TO THE CORNERS OF THE EARTH ” Promise of God to His Promised Messiah (A.S).
    How Truly Fulfilled.(Subhanallah , Allahamdolillah).

    ( Qudrat Say Apni Zat Ka Deta Hai Haq Saboot
    Uss Be-Nishan Ki Chehra Numai Yahi To Hai.)

    ( Jiss Batt Ko Kaha Keh Karoon Ga Yeh Zaroor
    Talti Nahain Woh Batt Khudai Yahi To Hai.)

  5. Dear Zia Shah Sb,

    I’m so happy, delighted… thanks so much for sharing it. May Almighty Allah reward and bless you and Ghanian Ahmadi Muslim Brothers a happy, healthy and wealthy long life. Amin

  6. Long live Islam Ahmadiyya, Long live Ghana

    Not only Ahmadis of Ghana but all Ghanians must feel proud of their country for the values of tolerance and mutual respect you exhibit. It is a very Nobel example for rest of the world to copy it.

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