Pakistan: Government kneels down to JuD calls, asks Ahmadis to stop praying

Source / Courtesy: The Horizon

The government officials have advised the members of the Rawalpindi Ahmadiyya community to stop praying at the Satellite Town Ahmadiyya center, Ewan-e Touheed.

Known terrorist, joined by the extremists and militants elements of Pakistan demand that Ahmadis should cease their all worship activities at the Satellite Town Ahmadiyya center.

The Satellite Town area has been inundated with anti-Ahmadiyya signs and banners in advance of the massive rally called by the militants groups to force-stop Ahmadis from their worship activities.

The government officials say that in order to avoid unpleasant situation in Rawalpindi during anti-Ahmadiyya rally on the 29th January, Ahmadis should not offer Namaz and Juma prayers [Ahmadi Muslim acts of worship] at their center.

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  1. What happened to freedom of religion? Should not Pakistan respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or do they offer rights to only extremists? I invite all moderate Muslims to review the character and practice of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him and contrast it with that of the Mullah. Here, I link a post titled, The Constitution of Medina: A Symbol of Pluralism in Islam:

    Would you be rather with the Holy Prophet or the Mullah?

  2. Persecutions of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan are totally violation of liberty to profess faith as ordained by Qur’an.Pakistan is not a secular state now as it was supposed to be when it’s creation was being envisaged by it’s founder Jinnah. Pakistan has turned into Palidistan. All secular forces should unite together in condemning human rights abuse of it’s own citizens by the Government of Pakistan, which dances to the tune of the fanatics and pseudo-religious elements. Pakistan has to act with justice otherwise, the state may get punished with the WRATH OF GOD.WAKE UP PAKISTAN. THIS IS TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY.

  3. Universality of stupidity!
    In posts like these phone numbers, email adress and mailing adress of people in authority should be published. So that Ahmadies and other liberal concerned citizens can ask questions to those who are in authority. Such things are bound to happen in a multi-cultural society where majority tries to silence minority, but then elected representatives, public servants and police should learn to handle such things. What else they are being paid for! Best way to register protest in a democratic way is by making phone calls, email and writing letter to them. Else we can only pray for things to settle on its own.

  4. Well said Azimul Haque.

    The moderate Muslims and those in power should also realize that by condoning this they are strengthening the hands of the extremists, who will come after them also in due course of time. It is better to stop the power grabbing agenda of the Mullah through such hate-mongering, right in the very beginning, before it catches any momentum!

    Also note the contrast that Ahmadiyya youth are spreading the message that Islam is Peace, Love and Harmony in all over the world and the Mullah are preaching hate-mongering and violence in the name of Islam. Yet they are Muslims and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, declared non-Muslim in Pakistan. What an irony?

    Read the news item: Ahmadiyya Youth, spreading the message of PEACE:

  5. The Prophet let people of other religions (ie. Christians, Jews, Zoroastians and etc) pray under his rule. So why are other Muslims trying to stop Ahmadis from praying?

  6. Aslamo-e-Aliakum

    It’s really sad, Government and Authorities across Pakistan are doing nothing, in fact they are contributing in the hatred against Ahmadi’s, Be it in Punjab, Federal Capital, Sindh and even Balouchistan, Ahmadi’s are suffering every single day, These banners against Ahmadi’s are spreading hate against this community across Pakistan.

    Politics in so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan may or may not have any Islamic basis.

    Often dictators and politicians will use the name of Islam for their own purposes.
    One should remember to go to the source of Islam and separate what the true religion of Islam says from what is portrayed in the media.

    Islam literally means ‘submission to God’ and is derived from a root word meaning ‘peace’.
    However the Mullah’s of KN and other what other terrorist organisations are practising is not even Islam. Muhammad (PBUH) has let every single religion worship their own religion, be it Christians, Jews and so on, with peace, None has been murdered for practising their religion or practising their faith.

    Looking at the current situation in Pakistan, the Islam being practised by these Mullahs of KN and other terrorist Islamic elements within Pakistan are not even following Muhammad (PBUH) true teachings, with what the Quran teaches, with What the Sunnah and Hadees teaches i.e. Peace for all, Love for every single human being on planet earth
    Being Ahmadi’s, we let everyone enjoy their freedom of speech, freedom to practise and preach their religion, we are taught to be Down to Earth and God fearing, Peace, Brotherhood, Harmony and Love for All runs in our blood and Peace is the only answer to all the questions we have back home in Pakistan

    We as Ahmadi’s will keep on spreading love for all for what we are born to teach with all respectful means, no matter what problems they create for our community, We will be always respectful, peaceful and always ask God to help us during these hard times ever.

    We will keep on helping the poor and the needy, no matter what religion, what race, colour, and ethnic background.

    May Allah keep Ahmadi’s safe in Pakistan and May Allah shows these Mullahs of KN and other Islamic groups the right path, so they should not harm the peaceful people.

    I will also like to share below:
    “Whoever hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys God.” (Bukhari)

    O’Allah! Show them the right path, Open their eyes to see the right and wrong and Make them the true followers of Islam, that does not hurt with their actions, hand and tongue.

    May Allah keep all Ahmadi’s safe in Pakistan. Amen.


    Luqman Qadir
    London UK

  7. Thank you for sharing a beautiful Hadith:

    “Whoever hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys God.” (Bukhari)

    When God is so annoyed at mistreating even non-Muslims, how upset would He be at mistreatment of fellow Muslims, like Ahmadis? This is a point that moderate Muslims from other denominations should ponder over!

  8. Dear Zia Sahib / Aslamo-e-Aliakum

    Thank you for your feedback and I appreciate all your efforts with what you are doing along with all the readers including Khaksar that contribute a bit online. It’s great reading you every time and all other authors! Good work -that is actually making difference

    Religion is to serve humankind. Religion has come to reform and unite humans, not to divide them.

    I often think, why these against Ahmadi’s do not follow a single teaching of Allah, Islam, Quran and of course Muhammad (PBUH), Muhammad (PBUH) or his followers has never killed an opponent, never in Islam’s history.

    We must condemn extremism and terrorism as WE DO in the name of religion and unite humankind as we are doing via our Ahmmadiyya Muslim Community. A religion that is straight forward, easy to understand and is based on Allah’s, Muhammad (PBUH), and exact Islamic teachings, that is shaping Lives.

    May Allah Keep All Ahmadis and the rest of the religions and world safe from these Angry illetrate Mullah’s that are threat to humanity, brotherhood, peace and even equality.

    Love for all.

    May Allah keep us all safe!

    Luqman Qadir

  9. Zia Sahib

    “When God is so annoyed at mistreating even non-Muslims, how upset would He be at mistreatment of fellow Muslims, like Ahmadis?”

    That is exactly my point……

    Ahmadiyya (i.e. Real Islam) is the only sure path that leads to God.

    May Allah show them the right path



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