US may abandon Pakistan supply routes

Source: Asia times on line:

By  Amir Mir

ISLAMABAD – The United States may abandon Pakistan as a major supply route to Afghanistan unless the blockade on provisions to coalition forces is ended, after Islamabad turned down a request to allow crucial food and military hardware to transit to neighboring Afghanistan unless it receives a formal apology and sees stern action taken against those responsible for the November 26 cross-border air strike that killed at least two dozen Pakistani soldiers. Shortly after midnight on November 26, American military helicopters rocketed and strafed two lightly manned observation points, known as the Salala security posts, on the Anargai Ghakhi mountain peak in Mohmand tribal agency, about 2.5 kilometers inside Pakistani territory on the Afghan border. The check posts had been recently set up to stop Taliban militantsholed up in Afghanistan from crossing the border and staging attacks in Pakistan. The Salala security posts are located in the Taliban-controlled Baizai area of Mohmand tribal agency, a well-known hotbed of militant activity that has significantly impacted security on both sides of the border. Baizai is a known transit point and safe haven for two key commanders of the Tehrik-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan (TTP) – Faqir Mohammad and Mullah Fazlullah.


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