In Indonesia, Radical Islam Threatens Democracy

By Prashanth Parameswaran

Under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Indonesia has emerged as a success story in many ways. It has waged a resilient campaign against terrorism, achieved the third-highest economic growth rate among G-20 countries and demonstrated dynamic leadership within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Moreover, this political and economic stability has been achieved in a context of deepening democratic consolidation, after a period of suppression of political rights and civil liberties during the Suharto era.

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  1. Assalamualaikum,

    I am Fadhal Husban, member of MKA Indonesia. Alhamdulillah, in generaly the people of Indonesia were very tolerance. There are big hope for the future, because there are still many young people who have open mind and stand beside us (Ahmadi Moslem). Pray for Us, Insya Allah Indonesia will become one of biggest Ahmadi Moslem in the world.


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