In Private, Wall St. Bankers Dismiss Protesters as Unsophisticated

Publicly, bankers say they understand the anger at Wall Street — but believe they are misunderstood by the protesters camped on their doorstep.

But when they speak privately, it is often a different story.

“Most people view it as a ragtag group looking for sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll,” said one top hedge fund manager.  Read more

Categories: Economics, United States

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  1. Well, as I have not joined any demonstrations I dont know about the ‘sex and drugs’ thing. What one can however observe is, that in all demonstrations, whether in Tunesia, Egypt, Syria, , Yemen, Libya, Greece, London, New York the demonstrators seem to know what they are against but seem to have little of a program (or a leader) what they are for. Could it be because they fail to accept whom Allah has designated the “Ameer-ul-Monineen”, the “Khalifa-of-this-day”? Please reflect, why does the world seem without a leader these days?

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