Beware of troublemakers: Al-Talib


Published: Oct 14, 2011 22:27 Updated: Oct 14, 2011 22:27

MAKKAH: Imam and Khatib at the Grand Mosque Sheikh Saleh Al-Talib warned the faithful Friday to be cautious against enemies who stoke religious sectarianism and political divisiveness in the Kingdom or in any other Muslim country.

“If someone, who is driven by motives imported from outside the country, engages in destructive acts it is an act of ingratitude comparable to cutting the tree that gives him shade or roiling the water that one drinks,” Al-Talib said.

The real perpetrators of trouble had a history of spreading subversion among people outside their country and outside their own race, the sheikh added.

“After creating trouble the perpetrators leave the victims to suffer the consequences of what they do or have done,” he said.

He added that the troublemakers are people who believe in their own ethnic identity rather than their religion, and recent history has proved that they stoked trouble in Arab countries.

He also warned the faithful against becoming tools in the hands of ideologies manufactured and packaged outside the country.

He said in the Kingdom there is no sectarianism or racism and every one has his rights and obligations because the country follows the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


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