Loving Judaism but questioning Israel

Source/Credit: The Washington Post: On Faith

By Lisa Miller

If politics are personal, then let me say this. I love almost everything about the Judaism I practice: Born into a Jewish family, but raised without any formal religious education, I have in recent years become a member of a Reform synagogue in Brooklyn. I love singing the ancient prayers. I love our rabbis and the families in the congregation who have become our friends. I love that Shabbat gives me a time and a place to converse with my young daughter about gratitude and her responsibility to other people. But certain parts of the Saturday service also give me uncomfortable pause, and during these High Holy Days, this season of introspection and confession for Jews, I might as well come out with it. Each Saturday morning, we praise God who “chooses Israel;” we ask God to “redeem Israel;” we plead with God to “shine a new light on Zion, that we all may swiftly merit its radiance.”

We, the Jewish people, are Israel and Israel is us.

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