We should use the Quran as a weapon against the terrorists

Source: examiner.com

Author: Robert Tilford

“We (the words of the Quran) have not come down except in accordance with the command of your Lord. To Him belongs our past, present and future. And your Lord is never forgetful…” Quran 19:64

Suicide and murder are strickly forbidden in Quran.

The Quran is most clear on this and says in respect to suicide: “Do not, by your own hands, throw yourselves into destruction.” Quran 2:195.

The Quran also says “…You shall not kill yourselves…Anyone who does this transgression, maliciously and deliberately We (God) will condemn them to the Hellfire!” (4:29-30).

With respect to the question of murder the Quran says killing or murdering one innocent human being is the equivalent to “killing everyone in the entire world.”

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