Goethe voted the Greatest German in 2011

Source: The Local

Poet, playwright and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe has been voted the greatest German of all time in a new poll, beating runners-up chancellor Konrad Adenauer and physicist Albert Einstein.


Goethe in the Roman Campagna (1786) by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein. Oil on canvas, 164 x 206 cm

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The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comments:

Goethe was the first drop of rain for Islam.  Now, there are 4.3 million Muslims in Germany (5.4% of the population). About 15,000 converts are of German ancestry.  According to the German statistical office 9.1% of all newborns in Germany had Muslim parents in 2005.

Goethe was very close to Islam. Here let me quote what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, said about the Holy Quran, “As often as we approach the Quran, it always proves repulsive anew; gradually, however, it attracts, it astonishes, and, in the end forces admiration.”  Professor Laura Vaccia Vaglieri, who was a professor in an Italian university for a long time, explains the beauty of the Holy Quran:

The miracle of Islam par excellence is the Quran, through which a constant and unbroken tradition transmits to us news of an absolute certainty. This is a book which cannot be imitated. Each of its expressions is a comprehensive one, and yet it is of proper size, neither too long nor too short. Its style is original. There is no model for this style in Arab literature of the times, preceding it. The effect which it produces on the human soul is obtained without any adventitious aid through its own inherent excellences. The verses are equally eloquent all through the text, even when they deal with topics, such as commandments and prohibitions, which must necessarily affect its tone. Stories of Prophets, descriptions of the beginning and the end of the world, enumerations and expositions of the divine attributes are repeated but repeated in a way which is so impressive that they do not weaken the effect. The text proceeds from one topic to another without losing its power. Depth and sweetness, qualities which generally do not go together, are found together here, where each rhetoric figure finds a perfect application. How could this marvelous book be the work of Muhammad, an illiterate Arab who in all his life composed only two or three verses, none of which reveals the least poetic quality?

Read further about the Holy Quran and Goethe:

The Holy Quran as the Miracle of the Holy Prophet

Professor Emeritus Katharina Mommsen: ‘Goethe – The Muslim’

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