Egypt’s Copts alarmed by rise in young female converts to Islam

Source: Almasry Alyoum

Sitting in what appears to be a busy city square and speaking above a cacophony of car horns, Christine and Nancy Fathy explain to the camera why they have run away from their families.

“I left my parents and came to Cairo to understand more about the true religion,” says 16-year-old Christine, who is sat next to her 14-year-old cousin. “I want to tell my parents to leave me alone.”

Both girls, who disappeared in June, have their hair covered by black hijabs – a common enough sight in an Islamic country like Egypt.

But for two people who until recently had lived their entire lives as Christians, the image – not least for their families – was a shocking one.

“Their parents are horrified,” said Nashat Fathy, one of the girls’ uncles who spoke recently to Al-Masry Al Youm. “They are feeling so sad. The men and women in the family have not stopped crying.”

The story of the two girls’ alleged conversion is just one of an increasing number of cases reported in the wake of Egypt’s 24 January uprising.

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  1. I also remember a short article in an Indian Newspaper stating their surprise that Buddhist girls of Ladakh convert to Islam. The conclusion was that it seems they would prefer to be second wives to a Muslim rather than be the wife to two brothers (Tibetan Buddhist tradition).

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