‘Malta lacks plan on water management’

Opposition spokesman on resources Joe Mizzi said that the government did not have a national plan on water management even though it had set up the Malta Resources Authority and Mepa. No wonder the island suffered from scarcity of water.

Utility bills did not reflect a serious system of water management. While the PN was elected with the cry of have running water, people were now watching carefully the use of tap water as otherwise their utility bills would go sky high.

The government had often relied on the excuse of the global crises. But such crises could not have existed throughout all the years the PN has been in government.

Mr Mizzi asked whether the inefficiencies in the production of potable water were still present. There was no investment on new technology. “How much did the government spend on the conservation and treatment of water?” he asked.

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Minister lists government measures to save water

Resource Minister George Pullicino told Parliament on Tuesday that 8,000 boreholes have already been registered. Notification had started in 2008, although the process was introduced in 1997 but there was the need for upgrading.

Water bowsers have been regulated and 129 applications had been received while 70 licences had been issued. Electronic tracking was also put into place on each bowser to track water extraction. READ MORE:

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