US ‘could withdraw funding from UN if Palestine state is recognised’

By Jon Swaine and Adrian Blomfield

Susan Rice, the American ambassador to the UN, said there was “no greater threat” to US support and funding of the UN than the prospect of Palestinian statehood being endorsed by member states.

Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian authority, plans to ask the UN general assembly, which comprises all 192 members, to vote on recognition at its annual meeting in New York in September.

The US and Israel are pressing Mr Abbas to drop his plans. Mr Obama has strongly opposed the move, raising the prospect of a veto in the UN Security Council, which is expected to vote on a Palestinian statehood proposal in July.

But Palestinian officials have spoken of their determination to a circumvent a US veto by deploying a rarely used Cold War mechanism known as “Uniting for Peace” under which a two-thirds majority in the General Assembly can override the Security Council.

Although Palestinians believe they are close to securing such a majority, the General Assembly does not have the power to confer UN membership on a new Palestinian state, meaning that a successful vote would represent little more than a symbolic triumph.

Even so, Republicans in the US Congress are promising to react aggressively to any approval of statehood. Two congressmen have already vowed to initiate bills to withdraw UN funding in the House of Representatives.

Such a development could be devastating to the UN. The US provides almost a quarter of its $2.5 billion (£1.6 billion) annual budget, making a yearly contribution of almost $600 million (£375 million).

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6 replies

  1. I was in Palestine last month. I saw with my own eyes hatred spread by terrorists in the name of Allah by hate mongers of “KHATAM E NABUAT CULT” openly, in the street of Palestine. These Palestinians have nullified marriages of innocent Muslims because they do not agree with their form of Islam. They have invoked killing of infidels and Muslims who do not agree with their theology. I did not feel safe from the Jihadi cults, walking on the streets. I will be the first person to support their right of self-determination if they categorically denounce terrorism and killing as Messiah of the time foretold more than 100 years ago. They must categorically separate State from mosque /mullah before any consideration of a state hood. A religious state is always a terrorist State. May it be Jewish, Christian or a Muslim State. Currently, it is naïve to support any religious State. It is inhuman to support any Jihadi /terrorists.

    • The emergence of a ‘Khatam e nabuat cult’ in Palestine is a result of the recent success of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat all over the Arab countries. In all Arab countries the number of Ahmadis has more than doubled since the emergence of the MTA Arabic channel. Some people getting nervous….

  2. We should not ‘write off’ the Arab states, after all its citizens are the ones suffering from their misguided use of the security apparatus also. In Egypt the Security Chief who was instrumental to have Ahmadis arrested is now himself in jail. May Allah guide us all.

  3. You are right, we should not write off any state. Most of the so-called security chiefs in Muslim states are extensions and protectors of these terrorist groups. I also heard that the dictator Mubarak was in the same Jail where he put innocent Ahmadies three years ago

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