Jordan doing fine on rule of law index but rights situation flawed

By Hani Hazaimeh

AMMAN – Jordan is keeping a good track record to promote the rule of law, but has much to do to further guarantee fundamental rights for its citizens, an international report said.

According to the Rule of Law Index 2011 report, issued by the World Justice Project, Jordan ranked second in the Middle East and the North Africa region but in spite of significant positive achievements, the country’s performance in terms of discrimination and labour rights “did not witness any progress and continued to worsen”.

“The country’s efficient public institutions, along with a high level of security remain its main areas of strength. It also obtains relatively high marks in the areas of civil and criminal justice, absence of corruption, and effective regulatory enforcement,” said the report, which covered 66 countries worldwide.

It also highlighted that property rights in the Kingdom are well protected. However, the country’s performance with respect to fundamental rights remained “one of the worst in the world, particularly with regards to discrimination; ranking 55th out of 66 countries; and labour rights, ranking 63rd”, according to the report which was compiled in cooperation with local partners and experts in the field of rule of law.

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  1. In any Muslim State, there is no guarantee of fundamental Human rights for its citizens. Muslims can get these basic Human rights in the western non-Muslim democracies.

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