Syrians gather outside Turkish embassy to express gratitude

By Mohammad Ben Hussein

AMMAN – Hundreds of Syrians living in Jordan gathered outside the Turkish embassy in Amman on Sunday to express gratitude for Turkey’s political and humanitarian stance concerning developments in their country.

Carrying Turkish flags and pictures of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, they thanked him for his support for reforms demanded by their compatriots.

“Erdogan has proven to be more committed to our cause, the cause of freedom and justice, than many Arab leaders. All Arab countries should see what Turkey is doing and follow suit,” said Zahya, a veiled demonstrator.

The Syrians also chanted slogans calling for freedom and urging their fellow citizens to continue fighting for a better Syria.

“We are here to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Syria. Turkey has been very supportive. They are brave enough to tell [President Bashar] Assad and his people that what they are doing is wrong,” said Emad, a Syrian from the northern city of Hamat.

He said Syrians in Jordan are hoping for a regime change in Damascus after years of repression.

“It is now or never. The people have spoken and shouted: We do not want Assad and his regime. We want a national government that meets the aspirations of all Syrians,” added Emad.

A Syrian demonstrator holds a placard featuring Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a rally in front of the Turkish embassy in Amman on Sunday (Reuters photo by Ali Jarekji)

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