Israeli Justice Minister on Conversion Policy

Assimilation of Diaspora Jews fulfills Hitler’s vision

Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman compares ‘horrific’ overseas assimilation to Hitler’s plans in panel on conversion policy at President’s Conference in Jerusalem.

Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman said on Thursday that assimilation into non-Jewish society overseas is threatening to do for Judaism what Adolf Hitler tried and failed to do in World War II.

Speaking at a panel on conversion at the President’s Conference in Jerusalem, the justice minister rejected recent criticism from American rabbis over Israel’s conversion policy. “The problem in exile isn’t conversion, it’s assimilation,” Neeman said. “How many [new] Jews join the Diaspora Jewry by converting, and how many [Jews] assimilate? Let’s face the truth. What Hitler – may his name and memory be forgotten – didn’t manage to do is happening in the Diaspora with its horrific assimilation.”

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