Arabs make up only 2.7% of academic teaching staff in Israel

Despite government target of 10% Arab employees in Israel’s public sector by 2012, figures presented to Knesset by Council for Higher Education show only 2.7% of teaching staff, 1.7% of administrative staff at colleges and universities are Israeli Arabs.

Arabs make up a mere 2.7 percent of the academic teaching staff in Israel, according to figures from the Council for Higher Education. The Council’s figures, which will be presented Monday to a commission of inquiry on absorption of Arabs into the Civil Service, show that just 280 Arab lecturers are currently employed in the country.

The statistics present a dismal picture of the state of Arab employment in Israeli universities and colleges.

The commission of inquiry, headed by United Arab List-Ta’al chairman MK Ahmed Tibi, will also be presented data showing not a single Arab employee in a senior management position at any of the state-budgeted colleges. Arabs make up just 1.7 percent of the higher education system’s administrative staff, the Council’s figures reveal.

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  1. How many Jews are allowed to work for education and administration departments, in Muslim countries specially in Arab countries?

  2. Thank you Khalid Parwez for keeping us honest and balanced here. Every journalist through out the world could benefit from checks and balances that you are providing here.

  3. You are right but do you know the status of a jew in a Muslim country like Pakistan and Saudi Arabi?. Do they have right to be part of their Administration?

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