Hizbut Tehrir (HuT) Pakistan wants Khilafat State for Muslims!

By Amir Mir

ISLAMABAD – The shadow of militant group Hizbul Tehrir (HuT) looms large in the interrogations of Pakistan army Brigadier Ali Khan and four majors who have revealed senior military officers planned to lead a coup against the government in Islamabad in an attempt to convert the country into a pure Islamic state by reviving the Khilafat (caliphate) system envisaged by the al-Qaeda-linked organization.

The officers are being interrogated in the garrison town of Rawalpindi by the Special Investigation Branch of the Military Intelligence (MI) after their arrest for suspected ties to militant organizations, reinforcing fears that the Pakistan’s armed forces have been infiltrated at all levels by al-Qaeda and Taliban-linked Islamic extremists.

The detained officers have conceded that they were in touch with the HuT, which had incited them to launch a rebellion against the country’s military and political leadership over what they see as pro-American policies. Investigators have concluded that HuT has the same objectives as al-Qaeda – the enforcement of Islamic rule in accordance with sharia(Islamic laws) in Muslim-majority countries and the restoration of an Islamic caliphate.

Instead of recognizing the Khalifat which has been blessed to Muslims by Almighty God, these Politically motivated Mullahs want to make a Khalifa amongst themselves. What a pity?  Recently distributed leaflet by HuT to Pakistani elite of Army for the formation of Khalifat reads:

“You are currently leading the largest and most capable Muslim armed forces in the world. The Muslim armed forces alone have the material strength to establish the Khilafah. As such, you are duty bound to establish an Islamic state in Madinah  [the Saudi city]. You must move now to uproot Pakistan’s traitor rulers. For even though the weaknesses of America and India are more evident  than ever before, Pakistan’s traitor rulers are racing to extend support to them, using the considerable resources of the Muslims to do so …

The traitor rulers are allying with the infidels, as if this was the source of strength and well-being for the Muslims. In reality, their alliance with the infidels is a source of fragility, weakness, despair and humiliation. Allah said, “The tale of those who seek allies other than Allah is that of a spider who builds a house; but indeed, the weakest of houses is the spider’s house – if they but knew.” (Surah al-Ankaboot 29:41).

Read More about the news in the Asia Times:

The picture in the post reveals the ugly face of militant Islam and the dangers that are inherent in not handling the issues in a political and academic way.  Military solutions only create greater sympathy for the militant organizations.  Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is ever ready to help with the academic solutions to militancy in Islam and has done so since its very inception 125 years ago.

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  1. Zubair Khan you have brought to our attention a very important news.

    Drone attacks strengthen the hands of such extremists as is apparent from the reading of this news in Asia Times.

    One would hope that the West will understand this and rather than a military solution, look for political and academic solutions. The hands of moderates need to be strengthened, so they can teach the masses about the peaceful teachings of Islam rather than a militant ideology.

    In the changing demographics of our global village, education of the youth especially of the growing millions in the Muslim world is absolutely paramount and that is where the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community can play a key role.

    Promotion of the Muslim Times in the popular newspapers and TV channels like Dawn and Geo TV can serve this pressing need of the Pakistani youth.

  2. Khilafat State sounds good, but who should be the Khalifa? It may be recalled that the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was playing with the idea of having himself declared Khalifa. In ‘The Journal’ of the Muslim World League a question was posed to the readers: “What do you think about the re-introduction of Khilafat?” (shortly before King Faisal’s death). The Saudi religious establishment is not know in ‘consulting others’ about what should be. Consequently it was really a ‘leading question’. Well, we believe that a Khalifa should be chosen by Allah. The fact that King Faisal died shortly thereafter (and the way he died) would show that Allah had other plans…

  3. Mr Tschannen has rightly pointed out that Almighty Allah has different plans to what HuT of Pakistan is formulating. Here in Europe, very oft, I have also been confronted with the question encompassing the concept of Khilafat. These Europeans and Western scholars know the long lived Islamic Khilafat and were also confronted with Arabian and Turkish Khilafat. A deep study reveals that currently Muslim World is in fact looking for Political Islam Khilafat, to which Ahmadiyyat has no interest. King Faisel or the current King of SA keep on striving for this political Khilafat and probably HuT is also looking for it. The same are the views of spritual leader of Iran though instead of Khilafat they call it Imamat. Whether at any stage they will succeed to establsih this Political Khilfat/Imamat or not is 100 million question.

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