New movement: Slutwalk


It started in the USA and Canada after a Toronto policeman said if women want to avoid being raped or victimised, they should not dress like sluts. The reaction was instead of telling women how to dress, the police should tell men not to rape. Now the movement has come to Europe. Thousands of “sluts” took to the streets in London on Saturday.

….It says a lot about our societies if a woman cannot dress the way she pleases…..

Further south and east, in the Moslem world, there are varying degrees of covering the female body up, based on hundreds of years of tradition. I remember an argument I had with an Afghan woman in which I said how terrible the burqah was and she attacked me for imposing my culture on hers and how dare I say whether she should wish to reveal herself only to her husband or not. And she was absolutely right.

Then we come to France where wearing the veil is forbidden, well, sort of…not near Mosques and not on religious days. The further we get into it, the more complex it becomes. If you can’t wear the veil, then what about the cross? Do we adopt the adage from Ortega y Gasset “Yo soy yo y mi circunstancia” (I am what I am and what surrounds me) or do we accept the globalization of values in an already globalized world? In which case, whose and over whom?

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