44 years after Israeli assault on USS Liberty … killers still not called to account

On June 8, 1967, a lightly armed, clearly marked communications vessel sailing peacefully in the eastern Mediterranean, was suddenly attacked without warning by Israeli jets and torpedo boats, leaving 34 US servicemen dead and another 171 wounded and maimed for life. The ship was the USS Liberty.

Its mission was to monitor the fighting going on between Israel and its Arab neighbors, which were then at war. Details of this vicious, cold-blooded atrocity by America’s favorite rogue state are recounted by James Bamford in his no-holds-barred examination of the National Security Agency, Body of Secrets. Below are several excerpts from this devastating exposé.

Without warning the Israeli jets struck-swept-wing Dassault Mirage IIICs.

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  1. The attack was agreed with the US president, who wanted to blame it on Egypt for the sake of getting into the war if not a Russian ship had seen and filmed the whole thing. For good info on this and other “false flag” attacks, see the documentary Terrorstorm

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