Indonesian Women Hail Passing of Immigration Law

Indonesian women have welcomed the passage of the Immigration Law that boosts the rights of foreign spouses of Indonesian citizens.

Isabelle Mace Panggabean, 31, who is half French and half Indonesian and married to an Indonesian, hailed the new law, saying said she would now be able to gain permanent residency.

The mother of one said she would now no longer have to extend her Kitas every year and would be able to work to provide for her family if her husband ever became sick.

Isabelle said she was concerned the Immigration Law would never be passed given the number of bills being discussed in the House.

Juliani Wistarina Luthan, an Indonesian citizen who has been married to a Japanese man for 15 years, thanked the government and the House of Representatives (DPR) for passing the “reformist” law.

She said her husband would no longer need to extend his Kitas.

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Categories: Asia, Human Rights, Indonesia

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  1. I have a spouse visa,kitas, my wife is Indonesian.So can I now work with her say in an office..I believe this is law now..Is this true..I am Australian but live here.Married.Any info ..plsss..Thanx Paul.

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