Is there life on Mars? We may soon find out

Forty years ago, space engineers launched a probe that would play a pivotal role in changing our understanding of our place in the cosmos. On 30 May 1971, Mariner 9 was dispatched to Mars on an Atlas Centaur rocket and in November that year slipped into orbit around the Red Planet.

In doing so, the American robot spaceship became the first manmade object to be placed in orbit around another planet. Humans had added an artificial satellite to another world. A few days later, two other spacecraft, Mars 2 and Mars 3, both built by the Soviet Union, followed suit and achieved Martian orbit. In three weeks, the Red Planet had become a scientific hotspot.

Thus began a revolution in our understanding of the solar system, a family of planets that space probes have shown to be far stranger and more exotic than expected, with Mars producing the largest number of surprises. Mariner 9 showed it possesses the solar system’s largest mountain and its biggest canyon, while ancient riverbeds and streams were discovered at several sites, findings that have been confirmed and explored in far greater detail by subsequent probes and which continue to maintain hopes that we will one day find signs of life on another world.

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