Israelis Increasingly Resigned to Life without Peace

There was a time when Israel was anxious to strike a peace deal with the Palestinians. Now, however, the majority of the country’s population seems to have given up hope. While young Arabs are rebelling against autocratic regimes in the region, apathy is spreading in Israel.

Flyers reading “Masbirim Israel,” or “Explain Israel,” have been laid out at the Tel Aviv airport for several months now. They are not meant for tourists, but for Israelis. Their government wants them to campaign abroad for greater sympathy with their country. The small brochure advises: Use a map to explain Israel’s vulnerability! Show pictures from home! Tell your personal story! Surprise your listeners with facts, such as this one: The USB stick, Windows XP and cherry tomatoes were all invented in Israel, and the country is number one in new patents and in establishing new businesses.

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