Use modern information media to spread Islam’s message: Al-Asheikh


JEDDAH: Islamic Affairs Minister Saleh Al-Asheikh has emphasized the need for utilizing modern information media including the Internet and FM radio stations to spread the message of Islam.

“FM radios with shortwave have been found more effective in propagating Islam,” the minister said, adding that it has been successfully used in African, East Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

“We can reach a large number of people through FM radios than satellite channels and at lesser cost,” he said and urged philanthropists to make use of this dynamic media for dawa work.

He said Islamic scholars in the Kingdom can give classes and lectures through the Internet, targeting audience in different parts of the world. “Many people all over the world wanted to know more about Islam.”

Al-Asheikh also stressed the need to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter for Islamic propagation, saying the younger generation uses this media for communication and exchange information. read more

Categories: Asia, Islam, Religion, Saudi Arabia

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  1. MTA – Muslim Television Ahmadiyya was the first world-wide religious Satellite TV station. Now many have tried to copy them. We are happy that MTA was and remains their example to follow.

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