The US and the European Union call to do more for minorities

Following a number of religion-inspired violent incidents in the country — the most tragic of which was the incident in Cikeusik, West Java, which left three followers of the Ahmadiyah sect dead — the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights sent a letter to the Indonesian government to express concerns regarding the situation of religious minorities here. In the letter, Navanethem Pillay urged the government to take “action at various levels to address the broader issues behind religious intolerance and discrimination.”

This is not the first time Indonesia has been reprimanded by the international community on the issue of the protection of minority rights. The United States, by word of Ambassador Scot Marciel, and the European Union too have called upon the government to do more to protect the followers of minority beliefs. Read more

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  1. For the US and EU’s representatives to say to the Indonesian Government ‘to do more’ is not sufficient. They should clearly state exactly WHAT THE Indonesian Government should do (or not do). In the same way in Pakistan they should not only request the Government of Pakistan to ‘do more’ but request exactly which laws and Marshall Law Regulations need to be cancelled.

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