The Flag of Bilal (1): Islam and Constitutionalism

Historically, Islam contributed to the modern concepts of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The concept of the Constitution fits in perfectly with Muhammad’s (s) example of coexisting on the basis of fair treaties guaranteeing freedom of religion and integrity of the individual. Constitutions often embody the same inalienable rights granted to every human being by God in Islam.

That is why I believe Muslims should stand up to protect these rights whenever they are threatened, and they should make clear that this is the meaning of Sharia: to guarantee to every living thing, and even to heritage, its fundamental rights. As the people of Mecca in a time of insecurity found safety under the Flag of Bilal, as Constitutions falter, people nowadays should understand that when times become insecure, the Flag of Ahmadiyyat will secure their rights.

In my next posts I will delve deeper into the past and present of Constitutions and what could be the role for Muslims with regards to Constitutions today.

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