Old ‘News’ (Sept.2010): Suicider strikes at Ahmedis worship place in Mardan

‘Pakistan Times’ Wire Service

MARDAN: One person died and four others injured when a suicide bomber blew up explosives strapped on his body at a worship place of Ahmedis here at Muslimabad Canal, Geo News reported Friday.

The injured were immediately rushed to District Headquarter Hospital where doctors described their condition out of danger.

Police said the suicide attack took place outside the worship place of Ahmedis.

Eyewitnesses said the suicide bomber first attempted to force his way into the worship place upon which the security guard opened fire and injured him.

However, the injured suicide attacker blew himself up with a loud blast which was heard across in a wide radius. read more

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  1. Even when the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat are targets of murders and terrorists the Pakistan Times still does not have the courage to say: “Ahmadiyya Muslim MOSQUE targeted’. May Allah forgive them and guide them.

    May Allah reward the martyrs of Ahmadiyyat and grant them an excellent place in paradise! May Allah grant strength to the family left behind and grant them success in this world and the next!

  2. It is really very sad news. People are following their Ulema (spiritual leaders) who are guiding them towards the wrong way the way of the enemies of the truth. Hadhrat Khalifa-tul-Massih IV, has described the position of these so-called Ulema in his book, which can be viewed through:


    We should pray for these people who one side are the enemies of mankind and on the other they are the enemies of our beautiful religion ‘Islam’ which means peace and love toward humanity. May God be their guide and may He shows them the right path (Sarat-e-Mustaqeem). And may God be the guardian of all the Ahmadis. Ameen

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