Palestinians threaten to go to UN over Israel tax row

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (AFP) – The Palestinian leadership on Wednesday voted to appeal for United Nations intervention to force a defiant Israel to hand badly needed blocked tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority.

“The executive committee has decided to turn to all international bodies, including the UN Security Council, to demand that Israel unblock Palestinian Authority funds,” Palestine Liberation Organisation official Yasser Abed Rabbo told AFP after a meeting of the committee, the PLO’s ruling body.

The Palestinians are also expected to ask the UN General Assembly to recognise a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood when it convenes in September, citing frustration at the lack of movement in peace talks with Israel, stalled since September last year.

Earlier Wednesday, Israel’s finance minister brushed off international pressure over the freezing of tax revenue transfers to the Palestinians, warning Israel could take even harsher steps.

“The delay in transferring funds is a yellow card for the Palestinian Authority after the signing of the agreement with Hamas,” Yuval Steinitz told public radio, referring to Israel’s decision to delay the transfer of 60 million euros ($86 million) to the Palestinian Authority.

“Until now, it is a delay of a week to 10 days, but it could become a red card,” he said, explaining that Israel would decide what to do depending on “clarifications” from the Palestinians.

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