E-cigs must be tested, regulated for safety

………… E-cigs are small reusable tubes with rechargeable batteries. They contain concentrated and varying amounts of liquid nicotine, flavorings, propylene glycol (used to simulate smoke) and other chemicals. E-cigs preserve the visual, sensory and behavioral aspects of smoking, which can prolong addiction. Further, they expand the available options for nicotine as starter products for non-users, and flavorings (recently banned from cigarettes) can increase the attraction to youth.

The World Health Organization has serious concerns about the safety and effect of e-cigs on the health of their users and the public. The Food and Drug Administration has done preliminary testing on two brands, but has not evaluated any for safety and effectiveness.

While e-cigs will eventually be regulated as a “tobacco product,” the FDA could still decide to regulate them as drug-delivery devices if marketed for therapeutic purposes. Read more

Categories: Alternative Medicine

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