THE IDEAL FAMILY LIFE (The Islamic Perspective)

Strengthening families is a subject which is one of the core issues of the contemporary world. Hundreds and thousands families are breaking every year around the world. Lack of stable and long-lasting families is a reality which cannot be denied. But the important point to discuss is to find the reason why marriages are breaking. What are the problems? And how we can establish strong, faithful and lasting marriages and families?

I think it is very important and crucial to look for the solutions to strengthen our families. And I believe that strong families guarantee strong societies and stable and peaceful countries. If people are happy and content they can contribute much in the building of better societies and communities.

First of all it must be understood that what marriage is. Marriage or wedding is a legal union between a man and woman, in other words, it is an agreement under which a man and a woman live as husband and wife by legal or religious commitments.

Marriage is a divine bond between husband and wife so as to enjoy social and intimate relationship with each other and to have children. It is one of the most sacred divine contracts between them, so it must be a source of peace and comfort for both of them. Marriage is a part of a social system, which lays down detailed guidelines about the relationship between the two genders. This all makes a family.

One of the main purposes of marriage is to guard against evils and immoralities, to establish a loving and peaceful society and the procreation and protection of human race. And that a mutual love would develop between the couple safeguarding them against the distress of loneliness.

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  1. The efforts to break the family system in to ‘individuals’ is a dreadful dilemma of today’s society: a society where individuals will be faithful to rulers rather than family. Polygamy and extended clan system in Middle East political analysis was seen as a threat by many western critics including Randell Parker.

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