Peace Sign Satanic?

Huff Post: A Christian school in the Netherlands, Pieter Zandt Scholengemeenschap, was horrified to find an allegedly satanic symbol in its latest student agenda, asking parents and students to return the planners for shredding. That symbol? A peace sign. School board chairman Johan van Puten told Dutch newspaper Trouw that a Google search revealed […]

Dutch economy shrinks by 1.8 percent

According to the first estimate conducted by Statistics Netherlands, the Dutch economy shrank 0.2 percent in the second quarter of 2013 compared to the first quarter. This is the fourth quarter in a row showing economic decline, although with each quarter the decline became less severe. The economy contracted 1.8 […]

Salafism and Dutch democracy

Many young Dutch Muslims are attracted to the fundamentalist Salafi movement. Anthropologist Ineke Roex has been researching the attitudes of the movement’s followers to democracy. “Accept them as part of Dutch society, and then they become more democratic.” Michel Hoebink Salafists condemn the idea of democracy in principle, explains Roex. […]