Trade and tolerance

“It’s possible for governments to walk and chew gum at the same time.” That’s Human Rights Watch director Kenneth Roth’s advice to the Dutch government when it comes to pressuring other governments on human rights abuses, while at the same time promoting trade with that same country. Tolerance As for […]

Cabinet backs the burka ban

The cabinet on Friday voted to ban burkas and other face-covering garments from public places. Once the legislation has passed through parliament, the Netherlands will become the third country in Europe to ban the Islamic garment, after France and Belgium. The ban will apply to people wearing balaclavas and full-frontal […]

Dutch Press Review 9 January 2011

This morning’s papers are dominated by two events: skater Sven Kramer takes his fifth European title and the queen donned a headscarf to visit a mosque in Abu Dhabi and – predictably – raised the ire of far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders. All of this morning’s papers (except lead with a […]

Dutch burqa ban draws widespread criticism

The burqa ban passed by the cabinet today is drawing mostly negative reactions, both among Muslim organisations and political parties. A large Turkish interest group, IOT, says the government hasn’t considered the ban’s consequences. “Women who currently only venture outside, or are allowed to go outside, wearing a burqa, will […]

Dutch press review Wednesday 18 January 2012

  Christian Democrats are worried that ‘compassion’ sounds like an anti-government slogan, Trouw reports. The coalition partners are heading for a showdown with Geert Wilders over cutbacks. Health insurance companies have been paying for therapy to ‘cure’ gays. School grades are falling as pushy parents insist their kids should study […]

Be optimistic … and live longer

By ABDULLAH BAJUBAIR | AL-EQTISADIAH A study conducted by a number of Dutch researchers revealed that optimism enables men to avoid heart diseases and live a healthier life. The research was led by famous Dutch psychiatrist and expert at the Dutch Psychological Health Institution Dr. Erik Giltay. The study said […]

Norway Terrorist inspired by Geert Wilders

The 1,500 page document which appears to have been written by […] the Norwegian arrested for killing at least 92 people in a bombing and shooting spree, contains many references to Islam in the Netherlands. The document, which includes many references to newspaper reports and right-wing blogs, refers several times to […]