Sharia4Holland under investigation

The police and public prosecution department are to launch an investigation into radical Islamic fringe group Sharia4Holland, Nos television reports. The probe has been prompted by statements made by one of the organisation’s members on Dam square in Amsterdam on Friday, during an improvised press conference. ‘This government is exploiting […]

Shariah4Holland: kids’ gang or terror threat?

The radical Islamic organisation Shariah4Holland has caused a stir in the Netherlands. The movement is holding a conference in Amsterdam on Saturday and has invited Fouad ‘Abu Imran’ Bekacem, the leader of Shariah4Belgium, recently sentenced to two years in jail for incitement to violence. Media attention and questions from the […]

Wilders again fails to postpone ESM debate

A broad majority in parliament has rejected a third request from Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders to postpone Wednesday’s debate on the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), a permanent bail-out fund which is part of a EU fiscal pact to reinforce economic supervision. Mr Wilders’ request won the support of just […]

Government told to drop discriminatory terms

The government should no longer use the terms allochtoon and autochtoon to distinguish between Dutch citizens, according to the Council for Societal Development. Allochtoon is a Dutch word used to refer to citizens whose parents were born in another country. Autochtoonrefers to citizens whose parents were born in the Netherlands. In reality, allochtoon is often applied to people […]

Muslims upset as Wilders promotes new book

According to the largest cooperation group of Muslim countries, Geert Wilder’s new book is nothing but a repetition of his previous hate campaign against Islam, which is actually an abusive use of freedom of expression.  A spokesperson for the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) expressed dismay at the publication of […]

Dutch to ditch burqa ban

Interior Minister Liesbeth Spies says the burqa ban she helped prepare can be scrapped along with a proposed ban on holding dual citizenship. Now that the cabinet’s fallen, she “wouldn’t shed a tear” if parliament were to scrap the controversial Freedom Party-sponsored bill. “Now that the cabinet’s fallen, there’s no […]

Wilders wants Netherlands out of EU

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders thinks the Netherlands should leave the European Union. He has advocated leaving the eurozone before, which comes down to the same thing as countries that drop the euro cannot remain a member of the European Union. Speaking in New York where he is promoting his […]

Wilders is not planning move to US

Geert Wilders is not planning to move to the US, the PVV party leader told Radio 1 on Monday morning. ‘I am definitely staying in the Netherlands and will be campaigning enthusiastically for the September elections,’ he told the radio station. Wilders was referring to rumours he was planning to […]

Dutch PM tenders cabinet’s resignation

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tendered his cabinet’s resignation to Queen Beatrix this afternoon. The prime minister’s minority coalition government collapsed at the weekend after the cabinet’s parliamentary backer, the far-right PVV, refused to support the government’s austerity measures. The queen is considering the resignation and a government information service […]