Dutch ban on burqas and niqabs takes effect

Source: News 24

The Netherlands has banned face-covering clothing, such as a burqa or niqab, in public buildings and on transport, as a contentious law on the garment worn by some Muslim women came into force.

Between 100 and 400 women are estimated to wear a burqa or niqab in the European country of 17 million people.

“From now on the wearing of clothing which covers the face is banned in educational facilities, public institutions and buildings, as well as hospitals and public transport,” the Dutch interior ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

The legislation – which was passed in June last year after more than a decade of political debate on the subject – also applies to other face coverings such as full-face helmets or balaclavas.

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6 replies

    • I very much doubt that even one lady wearing a burka in Europe is ‘forced’. They want to do it, there should be freedom of choice.

  1. It seems like this phenomenon is taking the world. People in those countries where headscarves and burkas are being banned need to understand the true meaning behind the hijab itself. One should not talk about something that they don’t have full knowledge of. It is basic Islamic teaching and also basic common sense. These ladies are a minority and don’t cause any harm to the society. They wear the hijab for their own religious beliefs . If you want to fix a problem don’t start by creating another. The freedom of one should not mean to stop someone else from freely practicing what they believe in. This ban is true hijab oppression.

  2. Women in the world no matter what religion they belong to wear clothes according to their religion, customs or traditions. So what’s the big deal if a Muslim woman wears a hijab according to her religious teachings.
    Making such a law means making life miserable for hating each other or blaming each other for others actions.

  3. Non-appreciable decision
    Where’s the freedom of rights and freedom of religion…..?
    These kinds of laws can only promote restless in society not peace.

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