22 charged with wearing face veils during first year of Denmark’s Burka Ban

Given that only 200 Muslim women wear burkas and niqabs, that would appear to be over 10 percent

Source: Copenhagen Post

by Arushi Rajput

It’s been a year since Denmark’s contentious so-called ‘Burka Ban’ came into force on 1 August 2018. Since then, 22 women have been fined for violating the law, according to figures from the Rigspolitiet national police force reported by Kristeligt Dagblad.

Prohibition on face-masking clothing
The one-year-old law states that wearing garments that cover the face – burkas and niqabs, and even ski masks and fake beards – are now banned in public.

Out of the 39 fines issued so far, 22 have been for covering the face with a niqab or burka.

A fine of 1,000 kroner is applicable upon any violations of the ban, followed by 2,000 kroner – and then 10,000 kroner if repeated.

The controversial ban
The law created a stir in the public sphere, and hundreds of people in Copenhagen and Aarhus took to the streets shortly after its introduction.

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