Netherlands: Geert Wilders: ‘We’ll stop Islam and strengthen the rule of law’

Netherlands party leader proposes to limit Islam in country: ‘We’re strong enough to do that.’

Mordechai Sones, 13/08/19

Netherlands Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders declared that limiting Islam’s power in his country will only strengthen the country. “We’re strong enough to fight Islamization and stop Islam.”

“We’re not weakening our law or democracy, but merely strengthening them,” Wilders wrote in his Twitter account.
Wilders is known to be an effective opponent of Muslim expansionism. About a month ago, he offered his own original solution to replace the Deal of the Century.

“My plan, the Wilders Plan, is much better. If all the Palestinians are returned to Jordan, it will be much better and quieter for all parties,” Wilders told a Dutch correspondent.

He added, “Trump and Kushner want to pad the Palestinians with billions of dollars worth of investment. All this can be spared and simply remove the Palestinians from all Israeli territory and return them to where they came from – Jordan.”
Before that, he demanded the expulsion of all the immigrants from the Netherlands, who, he says, “only harm our country.”


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  1. Question is: Is he stupid or just a liar? (all Palestinians supposed to come from Jordan). I suspect he is a liar. He knows full well that this is not correct.

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