Middle East

‘Islamic awakening in Mideast promising’

The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) expresses optimism about the positive effects of Islamic awakening in the Middle East on the fight against arrogant powers. The growing campaign against arrogant powers and dictatorship in the region is promising and would cause accomplishment among Muslims, said Saeed Jalili […]

Prediction: The U.S. Stays in Iraq

It is becoming almost certain that the U.S. succeed in forcing Iraq to “invite” thousands of American troops to stay indefinitely in the latest imperial outpost of the United States in the Arab world. [New York Times, May 12] To recap: the Bush administration signed a pact with the Iraqi […]

Saudi Arabia Defies Mideast Upheaval

Saudi Arabia is leading a counter- revolution against the sweeping political changes in the Middle East by using money, force and God. As popular movements for democracy toppled leaders in Egypt and Tunisia and began threatening neighboring Bahrain and Yemen, Saudi Arabia’s Al Saud royal family strengthened control over the […]

S H A M E ! (breaking News from Abu Dhabi)

The United Arab Emirates has hired the in-famous private security firm ‘Blackwater’ to establish an 800 mercenary army (as a first step) to keep the Rulers safe… The crown prince insisted that no Muslim should be part of this ‘force’ (because a Muslim may refuse to kill another Muslim, presumably). […]

Palestine Papers: Why I blew the whistle

The mislabeled “peace talks” were instrumental in creating divisions amongst Palestinians, compelling me to speak out. In Palestine, the time for national reconciliation has come. On the eve of the 63rd commemoration of the Nakba, this is a long-awaited and hopeful moment. Earlier this year, the release by Al Jazeera […]

Aqaba taking Jordan along for the ride

Marsa Zayed envisions a marina development with room for 300 yachts and a cruise ship terminal all surrounded by a mixture of hotel, resort and luxury apartment complexes. The entire project is slated for completion in several years time, when Jordan first signed the development deal with Al Mabaar, a […]

Editorial: GCC expansion Admitting new members like Jordan and Morocco raises a plethora of questions

Arab News: This newspaper has in the past predicted that the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council would evolve into an Arab political and economic union in the same way that the six-member European Economic Community developed into today’s 27-member European Union. Nonetheless, Tuesday’s announcement following its summit in Riyadh that the […]

Palestinians threaten to go to UN over Israel tax row

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (AFP) – The Palestinian leadership on Wednesday voted to appeal for United Nations intervention to force a defiant Israel to hand badly needed blocked tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority. “The executive committee has decided to turn to all international bodies, including the UN Security Council, to demand […]