Saudi Arabia Told The World Its Problem Was Islam. It’s Actually Tyranny.

Source: Huffington Post

Saudi authorities have arrested more than 10 prominent activists, many of them women, and are describing them as “traitors.”
 “Reformer" Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s rhetoric is colliding with the reality of his rule.

 “Reformer” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s rhetoric is colliding with the reality of his rule.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman doesn’t apologize for much. In the past year, his government has massacred civilians in Yemen, kidnapped the prime minister of Lebanon and spent $450 million of unknown provenance on a painting while rounding up hundreds of people for alleged corruption. He’s publicly defended those actions.

But there’s one thing the crown prince is always willing to express remorse about: Islam, or at least the version dominant in his country. “We were victims,” he recently told “60 Minutes.”

Crown Prince Mohammed’s pitch to governments, citizens and, most importantly, investors, explicitly plays on global Islamophobia and many Muslims’ own frustrations about the violence committed in the name of their religion. It neatly identifies Islam as a problem and the prince as the solution. And this summer is supposed to bring a marquee moment for the battle against fundamentalist Islam the crown prince says he’s fighting: On June 24, women will gain the legal right to drive in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. I largely agree with this article, but blaming Ghaddafi and Assad for starting civil wars is a bit far-fetched. Did they want a civil war or was it imposed on them by those who want to destabilize the region. The outside influence taking advantage of the regions weaknesses for their own purpose should not be underestimated.

  2. From Progressive View
    Quote—Saudi Arabia Told The World Its Problem Was Islam. It’s Actually Tyranny.==

    1. Islamic teaching is a big problem, because after 200 yesrs Proohet Muhammad died. Ancient Clerics wrote the book of Hadith. From here the book of Hadith had became of the second source of Islamic teaching— as we know that there are many not real Islamic teaching from God, but there are many tradition of teachings and false Hadith.

    False and Arab tradition’s Hadith have been deceived or misleaded Muslim around the world till today. Very sad.

    So the problem with Islam or Muslim today is how to correct this false teaching where most Muslim believe strongly that Islamic teaching is still pure teaching— and believe Allah ( Al Quran ) and Sunnah ( Hadith).

    From Progressive View:
    As long as all violent Hadith are nor removed from Hadith— the extremist Muslim will continue to persecute and kill innocent people like: Ahmadiyyah, Shiah and Christian.

    Islamic teaching has to be corrected otherwise conflict will not end.

    All love ❤️
    I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Ramadhan

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