Saudi Arabia widens crackdown on women’s rights activists

Source: BBC News

Saudi Arabia has reportedly arrested three more women’s rights activists in a crackdown launched just weeks before a ban on women driving will be lifted.


Human rights groups said at least 11 people, most of them women who had long campaigned for the right to drive, had now been detained since last week.

Officials have said they are suspected of “suspicious contact with foreign parties” and undermining “stability”.

Other activists have said the crackdown is “unprecedented” and “shocking”.

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3 replies

  1. Since Prince Salam has been disappeared at public ( we do not know where he is now) the extremist Clerics impose the strictest Islamic law to women and citizen again. Islamic reformation has been canceled ??? Very sad.

    I think Prince Salam has been silent by extremist clerics.
    Where is he now?

    All love ❤️

  2. Why did I have the ‘gut feeling’ that Prince Mohammad bin Salman will not last? Not because of the modernization drive, but because of the danger to other Princes in the Royal Clan. Mohammad bin Salman was also a proponent of ‘let’s be a slave of the USA and Israel’ (more important than opening a cinema). Let’s see what will happen to these policies. Of course other members of the Royal Family are equally relying on the USA to keep them in power.

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