In Gaza, border opening brings relief and anxiety

Source: Associated Press


RAFAH BORDER CROSSING, Gaza Strip (AP) — Just after daybreak, Hamed al-Shaer came down the narrow stairway of his family’s home in southern Gaza pulling a black suitcase and said goodbye to his mother. They hugged at the gate and he kissed her hands in a show of devotion as she struggled to control her emotions.

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“Emigration is better,” she said of his plan to return to Saudi Arabia where he has lived for the past 13 years, most recently working as a driver.

But by nightfall he was back, despondent after his third failed attempt this week to exit the blockaded Gaza Strip through the congested Rafah border crossing.

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2 replies

  1. Yes you are right choice— Emigration is better,”—

    I urge all Gaza people follow the sunnah who emigranted to other country to save thousand life.

    Do not waste your life to fight those has strong army and technology— Those who still evil leaders who want to sacrifice their kids and get killed with Israel Guns are evil parents who do not know how to value life of people.

    They think land and house are more value than life of people. Whereas land and house can find other other better places you can live better thsn in Gaza like Gulf states.

    Be smart and dont show your anger—and stupidity.
    Islam is a religion of peace, mercy and happiness

    All love ❤️
    I wish you all a blessed and Peaceful Ramadhan

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