Jalsa Salana Kababir, Haifa starts with first day for Hebrew-speaking guests

15th July 2022

Imaduddin Al-Masri, Missionary, Kababir

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‏The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Kababir is holding its annual Jalsa Salana this year which started yesterday on 14 July 2022. The Jalsa is being held at the historic Mahmood Mosque where guests are partaking in the spiritual atmosphere.

‏The first day was dedicated to Hebrew speakers. A video recorded message of the president, Isaac Herzog was played in which he congratulated the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and appreciated its role in maintaining harmony and coexistence in Haifa.

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‏The Amir of the Jamaat in the Holy Land, Muhammad Sharif Odeh Sahib then delivered his speech, which focused on establishing global security through knowing the Creator and characterising His ways of morality. The Mayor of Haifa, Dr Einat Klisch gave an important speech in which she praised the role of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in preserving the cultural heritage of the city of Haifa.

‏The event was also attended by Judge Zaid Falah, the Tanzanian Ambassador, Mr Alex Kallua and the representative of the spiritual leader of the Druze Community, Sheikh Muwaffaq Tareef in addition to several Jewish and Christian scholars.

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‏The former Minister of Science and Technology and the former President of Bar Ilan University, Rabbi Prof Daniel Hershkowitz said to Amir Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya:

“You produce harmony between many thoughts and different religions through your discourse, thoughts and beliefs and your approach towards people.”

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‏The second day of Jalsa Salana Kababir will be in Arabic and will witness a large presence from the Palestinian territories, Jordan and Morocco. Friday will focus on knowing God, and the role of this recognition in maintaining world peace and security.

source https://www.alhakam.org/jalsa-salana-kababir-2022/

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