The French and the veil ‘ even in history

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Salman Hussainz

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the entry of the French into southern Turkiye, all the women were still wearing the veil.

The ruling French general was walking and saw them. He said to the women, “Your state is gone and you are now under western rule.

Take off your veil!”

They refused, so he extended his hand to remove the veil from them.

Nearby was a Turkish man who sold milk. His name was (Imam Sotjo). The Muslim’s zeal we to protect the women. He pulled the pistol from the belt of the general to kill him.

A statue and a university were erected in his name, and his story is taught in schools to this day. After the fall of the Ottoman

After this incident, a revolution broke out that led to the expulsion of the French.


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