The Tightening Claws of Religious Intolerance

Deedar Ali Bangwar

APRIL 1, 2022

Islam recognises the rights of religious minorities. There is a term, “zimmi” utilised to illustrate religious minorities, and an Islamic state is held accountable for their defence and freedom. Even in Hadith, it is mentioned that “one who kills a man under covenant will not even breath in the essence of paradise.”

Religious intolerance is the incapability of a proponent of a particular religion to accept, accommodate and acknowledge the right of others to reside by another belief different from his own. From the contemporary explosion in Peshawar to the bus attack in Karachi claiming at least 45 innocent Ismaili lives-all are but a series of such heinous religiously-motivated atrocities that Pakistani continue to face regularly. Whether the victims are the Hazaras of Quetta, Christians of Youhanabad in Lahore, Bohras offering Friday prayers in Karachi, or the children targeted in the Army Public school assault in Peshawar, and the heart-wrenching Sialkot experience, the core cause is the same. It is the belief that one has the right to judge others based on their faith and if they are determined religiously deviant ‘as in the case of other sects or religions’ or religiously wanting,

‘as in the case of the majority sect’, then they fair game. a wave of terror appeared as the targeted killing of the Hazara community took place in Quetta. National Commission for Human Rights 2018 report claimed that 509 members of the Hazara community were murdered and 627 wounded in several events of terrorism in Quetta during the last five years.


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  1. Pakistan is a well-known perpetrator of human rights violations. Many times, it promised to safeguard the interest of religious communities, but the rise in attacks on minorities narrates a different story which makes Pakistan one of the world’s Intolerant countries.

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