Hadith Collection

Hadith Collection HadithCollection.com was started by a group of Muslims living in different parts of the world.  We hope and pray to Allah that this web portal will serve as a source of guidance and light for all human beings throughout the face of this earth, regardless of race, color, […]

Excessiveness leads to shirk

SHEIKH NASIRUDDIN AL-ALBANI | Published — Friday 29 July 2016 From that which has been established in the shariah (prescribed law) is that mankind was, in the beginning, a single nation upon true Tawheed; then shirk (directing any part or form of worship, or anything else that is solely the […]

15 Anti-Corruption Hadiths

By Muhammad Fathi      Source:    OnIslam.net Monday, 27 July 2015 Corruption is one of the worst predicaments that haunt many countries around the world. The abuse of power, authority and resources by governments and public servants hinders the progress of nations, alienates ordinary citizens and blocks them from […]