Book: Was Jesus Married?: The Case From The New Testament

By Lee Wilson  (Author)

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Lee Wilson brings the historical Jesus into focus on a matter whose time has come with eye opening information that skeptics should consider before forming an opinion. -Vincent Mallozzi, The New York Times

Was Jesus married? “No, of course not!” It’s one of those things you’ve always been told—that Jesus was unmarried and celibate, and “everybody” knows it. End of story and case closed. Or is it?

Can you prove it? Can you quote a Bible verse that says that Jesus was single? Is there a prophecy that says Jesus had to be unmarried or else he couldn’t be the Messiah? In fact, is there any evidence whatsoever that Jesus was single or is it just something that you have assumed based on what you have been told your entire life? Now we’re getting somewhere.

“Because that’s what we’ve always said,” isn’t nearly a good enough answer. But you say, “The Bible doesn’t say that Jesus was married,” and you are right in that it doesn’t say that directly, but it also doesn’t directly say that he was single. So, if we are being completely honest, the claim that Jesus was married has equal footing with the claim that he was single. Or maybe there is actually a case to be made from the pages of the Bible that he was married rather than single.

This book will show you evidence that Jesus was married from within the pages of the New Testament. You’ll also learn the motive behind the portrayal of an unmarried Jesus that has been engrained in so many. After giving this book an honest read, if you still think there is not a case to be made that Jesus was married, then you may return to believing that he was single and celibate. Until then, it’s time to start proving that Jesus was single or else stop claiming it like it’s gospel truth, because it’s not.

Strongly sourced and researched, Wilson has created something eye opening, being one of the first mainstream Christians to take an unbiased look at the long-held presumption that Jesus was not married. I challenge you to read this book and try to see Jesus the same way you saw him before!-James Russell Lingerfelt, Master of Theology, Pepperdine University

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  1. With the DNA technology may be soon we can find Jesus’s descendants… in Kashmir most likely.

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