Key city of Mariupol under siege as Russia tightens grip on Ukraine’s south

Source: CNN

Mariupol’s deputy mayor Sergei Orlov told CNN’s “New Day” the southeastern city was now “surrounded” by Russian forces and was in desperate need of military and humanitarian aid.

“Our Ukrainian army and National Guard is very brave, they stand and fight for Ukraine, for Mariupol. But the situation is quite critical,” Orlov said Thursday.

“We are asking for help, for military help, and we are waiting for military help,” Orlov said. “Our internal forces are very brave, but we are surrounded by the Russian army, which has more people in their army.”

He warned that the city was facing a humanitarian crisis after what he said had been 26 hours of continued shelling.

“They are destroying our city with all weapons, from artillery, from airplane bombing, from tactical rockets, from multiple launch rocket systems,” Orlov said.

“We do not have electricity in the whole city, we do not have water supplies, we do not have sanitary systems, we do not have heating.”

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  1. The second round of talks between a delegation from Russia and Ukraine in Belarus have ended, the head of Russian delegation Vladimir Medinsky told Russian media, and the two sides have agreed on humanitarian corridors for civilians.

    “We have thoroughly discussed three points – military, international and humanitarian, and the third one is an issue of a future political regulation of the conflict. Both positions are clear and written down. We managed to agree on some of them, but the key thing that we have reached an agreement on today was a matter of rescuing civilians who found themselves in a military clash zone. Russian and Ukrainian defense ministries agreed on providing humanitarian corridors for civilians and on a possible temporary ceasefire in areas where evacuation is happening,” Medinsky told media.
    The talks lasted for two-and-a-half hours.

    Meanwhile, a Ukrainian negotiator on Thursday said that the talks didn’t deliver any results that Ukraine needed, but he said there is a “solution only for the organization of humanitarian corridors.”

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