Homeopathy: To be or not to be that is the question?


The Muslim Times has several articles on homeopathy, both critical and supportive

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Do Amish use electricity?

Why don’t the Amish use electricity? – Quora

By Jon Mixon

I live near them and I know more than a few personally.

They can and they do.

In Indiana the Amish are allowed to have both generators and solar panels on outbuildings which contain machinery for carpentry and cabinetmaking businesses. They are allowed to own the machines that are powered by electricity although some prefer to use immigrant workers (usually Latinos) to work on them. They can use electric lighting in their businesses, but they are NOT supposed to use it in their own homes.

They also drive and use Bobcat and Skidsteer brands of construction equipment. Since these machines are powered by internal combustion motors which are started by electricity it’s difficult to claim that they are not “electromechanical” and thus powered in part by electricity.

Finally, the Amish use cell phones. It can be safely presumed that they use electricity to recharge the batteries on these phones when they are depleted.

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