All of David Attenborough’s Work as a Proof for the Hereafter according to the Holy Quran


Do they not see that God brings life into being and reproduces it? Truly this is easy for God. Say, ‘Travel throughout the earth and see how He brings life into being: and He will bring the next life into being. God has power over all things. (Al Quran 29:19-20/20-21)

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

As I was reading the translation of Surah Ankabut, meaning The Spider this morning, I had an epiphany when I read the verses quoted in the Epigraph above. I knew that the Quran has on several occasions used the blossoming of plant life in the spring as evidence for the Second Life or Hereafter, but here was the most stunning expression of this phenomenon. Allah states that as the recreation of plant life and animal reproduction is easy for him so will be second creation in Afterlife.

Then Allah invites us to travel in the earth and see all the plant life and animal life with that perspective and the wise will become convinced of the Afterlife. No one has travelled more and with greater insight in the study of life than David Attenborough and with this new window I begin to see his work in new light.

He has dozen of documentaries on all forms of life on planet earth. You can begin to see them in YouTube and Netflix as we speak.

This was my epiphany this morning and I am grateful to Allah for this and I pray that He will keep me always pregnant with new insights.

David Attenborough showing his typical fascination with animals and plants. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles about the Quran, Afterlife and Religion & Science

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  1. And yet,in spite of all he has witnessed, as far as we know, he remains an unbeliever. In my opinion, no true scientist can deny the existence of a creator.

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