Bosnian fulfills wife’s wish by building rotating house


 SRBAC LIFE OCT 09, 2021 8:06 PM GMT+3Vojin Kusic house is seen while rotating by electric motors and wheels from a military transporter in Srbac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Oct. 9, 2021. (Reuters Photo)

Seeking to please his wife who had wished for a more diversified view from their family house, a Bosnian self-taught innovator has built a rotating house allowing her to watch the rising sun at one moment and passers-by the next.

“I’ve got tired of her complaints and frequent refurbishing of our family house and I said: I’ll build you a rotating house so you can spin it as you wish,” Vojin Kusic, 72, told Reuters standing in front of his new house that attracts the attention of visitors.

Situated in a fertile plain in northern Bosnia near the town of Srbac, the house spins around a 7-meter (23-feet) axis designed by Kusic, with the view of cornfields and farmland changing to forests and the river at the desired speed.

“The house can make a full circle for 24 hours when it’s at the slowest speed, while at the fastest spinning it can make a full circle in 22 seconds,” Kusic said.

His wife did not wish to comment on the new house.

Kusic said he was inspired by Serbian-American inventors, Nikola Tesla and Mihajlo Pupin, and coming from a poor family without the possibility of a good education had forced him to look for ways to make things by himself.

“This is not an innovation, it only requires will and knowledge, and I had enough time and knowledge,” he said, adding that he had built the house completely by himself.

The project took six years to finish, except time off for a hospital stay due to a heart condition. The house is more resistant to earthquake damage than stationary houses, he said.

“I asked doctors to try to prolong (my life) for at least a year because I have this project in my head, and … nobody will know how to complete it.”


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